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Pink Floyd The Beatles The Velvet Underground Bob Dylan Miles Davis David Bowie  The Zombies Led Zeppelin John Coltrane Joy Division Black Sabbath The Doors Charles Mingus Pixies Jimi Hendrix The Stooges Television The Clash The Beach Boys Talking Heads Neil Young Tom Waits Leonard Cohen T.Rex Arcade Fire Neutral Milk Hotel Metallica  The Rolling Stones The Who Love The Kinks Marvin Gaye Stevie Wonder Creedence Clearwater Revival Elliott Smith Johnny Cash Deep Purple Iron Maiden Wire Dead Kennedys Kyuss Faith No More UFO Ramones Judas Priest Simon & Garfunkel Lynyrd Skynyrd The Small Faces Def Leppard Thin Lizzy Serge Gainsbourg Alain Bashung Les Wampas Roxy Music Les Shériff OutKast Roy Orbison Rainbow Sly & The Family Stone Igor Stravinsky Bob Marley The HeartBreakers The Dogs AC/DC Motörhead Aretha Franklin James Brown Queens Of The Stone Age Prince Elvis Costello Elvis Presley Thelonious Monk Gene Clark The Byrds Dio Suicide Suede Alice Coope Steppenwolf The Buzzcocks The Only Ones The Undertones Os Mutantes Twisted Sister [...]

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