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Publié par Hugues

Resident Evil  I, II,III,IV,V et VI. Hercule's Aventure, Hercules, Crash Bandicoot I, II, III. Tomb Raider I, III, VIII. Duke Nukem. Tekken II. Soul Blade. Street Fighter. Might and Magic. Heroes of Might and Magic III, IV , V. Les chevaliers de Baphomet. Hadibou. Max le jardin magique. Age of Empire, I , II , III. Counter Strike . Warcraft I, II ,III,.Star wars : Pod Race. Star Wars : I, II, III.  Star wars : Battlefront I,II. Star wars : Jedi Accad1emy, I, II. Star wars : Dark Force. Star Wars : Jedi Knights. Star wars Empire at War. Star Wars : Le pouvoir de la force I, II. Star wars : Bounty Hunter. Star wars: Knight of the Old Republic. Star wars : Old Republic. Star Wars : Republic Commando. Mace Griffin : Bounty Hunter. Call of Duty. Battelfield. Army men. World of Warcaft. Portal I,II. Half-Life. Fire Warrior. Grand Theif Auto I,II,III,IV. Red Dead Redemption,Halo III, Halo Reach, Halo IV. Dragon Age. Dead Island. Dead Space. Left For Dead II. Overlord I, II. Uncharted I, II, III. Elder Scrolls III,IV,V. God of War II, III. Mass effect I, II, III. Brutal Legend. The Witcher I,II. Comix Zone. Ecco the Daulphin. Dradon's Dogma. Street of Rage I, II, III. Risen. Mad World. Final Fantasy. Baldur's Gate, Arcanum. Star Craft. World of Warcraft. The lord of the ring I,II,III. Metal Gear Solid. Space Invaders. Assassin's Creed. Warhammer : Space Marines. Far Cry 3. Borderlands I,II. Amnesia. Team Fortress. Bastion. Serious Sam. Diablo I,II. Hitman. Splinter Cell. Camando. Batman Arkham City,Asilyum. Okami.  Fallout I,II,III,IV. Blur. Dishonored. Saint's Row II, III. Madhunt.  Sleeping Dogs. Metal Gear Solid Rising. Gears of War I,II,III. Civilisation. Empire Earth. Small Soldiers. Toy Story. Connan. Medal of Honnor. Quake. Le parrain. Rome. Total War. Heavy Rain. Alien vs Predator. Pain. Dinasty Warrior. Les Royaumes D'amalur.

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MLB 09/02/2013 15:49

Ah Ecco the Dolphin ! Avec une liste ultra-geek, vous me rendez nostalgique !

Thibault 18/01/2013 09:35

T'as même pas joué à Pokémon ?!

Megan 17/01/2013 19:19

Encore un commentaire, mais c'est pour dire qu'il n'y a que des bons jeux

Megan 17/01/2013 19:17

Naaaaan Ecco the Dolphin !!! xD
(Left for Dead ♥)