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It felt like i was drowning... He was the only one I'd ever known... All those years with the same girl had finally scared him away...

The water was rising...and there was nothing left to hold on to...

Should i have told him then and there that the cop following and shooting us was in fact my boyfriend...

What would have changed?...I thought we were about to die... We found shelter in an opening of the rock face.

People say that when they have a close brush with death that they feel a sudden burst of life... That day, I almost died twice...

Do you think you can fall in love with some one you've never met? We spent the spring in Paris... I never asked him why the cops were after him... I know that one day he'll be gone... But whats the difference,

now i sit and wait for the sound of a new wave.

J'entends maintenant, distinctement, le son de cette nouvelle vague... 


Philippine-1830-1-.jpg                                                                Philippine 1831[1]

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Très joli :)