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Publié par Avril

Après quelques heures de reflexion à cause du choix de ne se limiter qu'à une seule chanson par groupe cité ( Sinon elle faisait 2 pages ! )... La voilà !

Alice Cooper: School's out, Alien Ant Farm: Smooth criminal, April March: Chick Habits, Asian dub Foundation: Fortress europe, Beethoven: Für Elise, Les Betteraves: Un couscous pour Jean Marie, Betty X: Dystopia, Billy Idol: Dancing with myself, Black Bomb A: Mary, Blink 182: Stockolm syndrome, Bourbon Crow: Alcohol is awesome, The Briefs: Sex objects, The Clash: Should I stay or should I go, Combichrist: Get your body beat, Eiffel 65: Blue, Cradle Of Filth: Cthulu dawn, Crucified Barbara: Rock'n'rol bachelor, The Cure: The Lovecats, Daft Punk: Harder better faster stronger, The Doors: Alabama song (RIP Jim), Dope: Sick, Kagerou: Zetsubou ni sayonara, Dub Incorporation: My freestyle, Eagle Eye Chery: Save tonight, Element 80: Broken promises, Eminem: Cleaning out my closet, Ensiferum: Token of time, Takeharu Ishimoto: The price of freedom, Flying Donuts: Wanna know, Fools Garden: Lemon tree, Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13: Planet of the apes, Ghouls From Nowhere: Madness (Bah ouais attendez...), Green Day: Basketcase, Gun's and Roses: Don't cry, The Human Abstract: Vela, together we await the storm, IAMX: Mercy, Janis Joplin: Try, Jason Mraz: I'm yours, Jefferson Airplane: White rabbit, Jimmy Hendrix: Foxy lady, KISS: God gave rock'n'roll to you (Appelez moi Paul Stanley), KMFDM: Tohuvabohu, KoRn: Here to stay, Lifehouse: You and me, Ludwig von 88: Nous sommes des babas, Lynyrd Skynyrd: Sweet home alabama, The Verve: Bittersweet symphony, Marilyn Manson: The beautiful people, MC5: Kick out the JAMS, Metallica:Nothing else matters, MGMT: Kids !, Mindless Self Indulgence: Bring the pain, The Moldy Peaches: Anyone else but you, Mötley Crüe: Kickstart my heart, Murderdolls: Graverobbing U.S.A., Muse: Plug in baby, Noir Désir: Marlène, N.Y.X.: Electronyx (Un peu de pub pour lui* parce que <3), Neon Synthesis: Solitude and fear, Nightwish: End of all hope, Offspring: Spare me the details, Oomph ! : Augen auf !, Papa Roach: Forever ( ;) Boris ), Plain White TS: Hey there delilah, Pink Floyd: Hey you, The Pixies: Where is my mind, Poison: Talk dirty to me, The Police: Roxanne, Portishead: Glory box, Protest the Hero: Sequoia throne, Psyclon Nine: INRI, Punish Youself: Night of the hunter, Radiohead: Creep, The Ramones: Blitzkrieg bop, Rancid: Roots radical, Robots in disguise: Turn it up, Avenged Sevenfold: Unholy confessions, The Dresden Dolls: Girl anachronism, Saez: Rock'n'roll star, sElf: Back in black (Le meilleur !), Sex Pistols: Bodies, Simplyd4rk: Vampire kiss (Un p'tit nantais !), Ska-P: A la mierda, Slipknot: Gently, System Of a down: Suite pee, Static X: This is not, Stone Sour: Zzyzx Rd., Stratovarius: The Rebel, Sum 41: Still waiting, Sweeney Todd: Epiphany, TTC: Travailler, Three Days Grace: I hate everything about you,Trashlight Vision: Black apples, T-Rex: 20th century boy, The Turtles: Happy together, Twisted Sisters: I wanna rock, Under The Abyss: Possession, Porn: Call me (Mieux vaut pas le taper sur YouTube, le nom du groupe porte à confusion...) , Undercover Slut: Ecstasia in our ennema, VNV Nation: Arena, Wednesday 13: Haunt me, Wumpscut: My dear ghoul, X-Fusion: Dial D for demons



Ouf ! Vous pouvez les écouter, ce sont des liens ( j'en ai souffert d'ailleurs ! ) (:

Cette liste n'est pas exhaustive...

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Logan 15/01/2009 19:29

terriblement genial *o*

_Marie 15/01/2009 09:46

Hééé c'est chiiiant hein de faire des liens :)
Moi aussi j'en ai bavé quand j'ai fais mon article, atroce XD

En passant j'adore " Papa roach - Forever "

Solenne 15/01/2009 09:38