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Liste des paroles de chansons qui me viennent spontanément à l'esprit

"But in the end it doesn't even matter."

"F**K all the perfect people."

"Le spleen n'est plus à la mode, c'est pas compliqué d'être heureux."

"My daddy was a bank robber / But he never hurt nobody / He just loved to live that way / And he loved to steal your money."

"J'apprends d'ici que la vie ne sera pas facile."

"Et les zones synaptiques de mon cerveau cynique s'embrasent dans des rêves synthétiques."

"But maybe I shouldn't ask for his name."

"Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do."

"By now you should have somehow realized what you gotta do."

"Along the countryside I saw him ride."

"Sweet memories will die/ There's a killer on the road."

''I can't remember anything / Can't tell if this is true or dream / Deep down inside I feel to scream / This terrible silence stops me."

"Je ne suis pas sur terre pour tuer des pauvres gens."

" 'There's this thing called love and it's everywhere' / She told me, 'It can break your heart and leave you in misery'."

" I died a hundred times."

"He likes his coffee black like his soul."

''It was was dark and I was over.''

''Who am I to disagree ?''

''See them walking hand in hand / Across the bridge at midnight.''

''Quel est donc ce mirage, cette image sans visage ?''

''See this one shine / how he smiles / in the light''


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