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Publié par Maria

Traduction - Marie Cosnay
Everything stop there, it's unimaginable.
his unaltered youth, the impalpable smile.
In front of my love i am standing in front of the forever dead child,
in this suffering, in impossibility.
The sun rises, the light understands the pain of which is deprived of face.
The sun rises on a bloody country, on a bloody face.
Men are busy, commenting, judging.
The barracks are full of nice speakers.
Already we are sailing, and it makes noise, the shock of the oars on the swell,
the whispering of prayers, te shoc of weapons that are stored or ready.
Fifty thousand sacrified beasts, the heap of meat, thhe fire.
Wole hers eliminated by fear of foot-and-mouth disease, something else.
Traduction - Marie Cosnay
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