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Publié par Maria

Check-liste des chansons du concert que j'aurais donné si j'avais su chanter
Wonderwall, Beg, Creep, The Greatest, Havana, Savage, Gasoline, Take Cover, Car Radio, Brother, Hysteria, Never be the same, Mad World, Come as you are, Waves, Primadonna, La Devotee, Stressed Out, Wolves, Live Like LegendsBasket Case, It's TimeLovesick fool, Half Moon, Dusk Till Dawn, Plug in Baby, Resistance, Set Fire to the rain, Bad Blood, Numb, I Know What You Did Last SummerSmells like Teen Spirit, Rules, R.I.P To My YouthThe Hills, Sorrows, Miss You, Real Friends, Not Going Home, Echo, There's noting to holding me back, Backseat Serenade, So What, Never be alone, Sign of the times, It ain't meBohemian Rhapsody, I know you, Believer, Human, Thunder, NakedFix You, Prom Queen, Lonely Girl, Save Me A Spark, Missing You, Playing God, The Girl Who Cried Wolf, Sweater Weather, RiseBoys, MercySeventeen, River, Light outside, Closer, WeakLa fête est finie, This Layer, Legendary, Dark Blue, Throw Signs, Unbreakable, Walls, Bones, Some Nigths, We are Young, Stronger Than EverRaise Your Glass, If you could see me now, Walk Throuh The FireCan we dance, Heart Attack, Bird Set Free, Unstoppable, Teen Idle, There For You,  Heathens, The Scientist, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Always Love, Hallelujah, DoubtLook What You Made Me Do, Angel By The Wings, Bad Reputation, Rockabye, Circles, Bad Things, Happier, Perfect, Flashlight, Let It Be, Idfc,  Pressure, Stop this Song, Still Into You, Heroes, Back To Black, High Hopes, Let Her Go, Good Vibrations, Dangerously, Crossfire, Casual Affair,  Demons, Dollhouse, RunMrs.Potato Head, Cake, Seven Nation Army, Bittersweet Tragedy, Echame La Culpa, La Terre Est Ronde, Fetish, Bad LiarGrenade, Teenage Dream, Somewhere only we know, Forget You, What about us, Bust Your windows, Cheap Thrills, Smile, Colors, Faded, FFF, What The Hell, That's My Girl, The Mixted Tape, How Long, Let It All Go, Guys My Age, Safe Inside.
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