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Publié par Gladys

Rolling Stones : Satisfaction, Paint it black, Lady Jane, Ruby Tuesday, You can't always get what you want, Wild horses, Mother's little helper, Angie, Jumping jack flash, Honky tonk woman, It's only Rock'N'Roll, Fool ton cry, Time is on my side, Nirvana : Dumb, The man who sold the world (cover), Rape me, Plateau, Smell like teen spirit, Lithium, Heart-Shaped box, Come as you are, Something in the way, Kurt Cobain : And I love her, Phantom Planet : California, John Legend : All of me, Bruno Mars : When I was your man, Louise Attaque : J't'emmène au vent, Léa, Ton invitation, Fatigante, Orelsan : Suicide Social, Si seul, Bob Marley : No woman no cry, Green Day : Wake me up when september ends, Tryo : L'Hymne de nos campagnes, Toi et moi, La corrida (cover), Désolé pour hier soir, John Lennon : Imagine, Beatles : Let it be, Hey Jude, Oasis : Wonderwall, Téléphone : Un autre monde, Cendrillon, Bush : Glycerine, Busted : Year 3000, Sex Pistols : God save the queen, No feeling, AC/DC : Who made who, Depeche Mode : Policy of truth, Guns N'Roses : Don't cry, Welcome to the jungle, Civil war, Patience, Sweet child o'mine, Scorpion : Still loving you, Iggy Pop: Monster man, Aerosmith : Cryin', Angel, The Cure : Close to me, Eagles : Hotel california, Foo Fighters : Let it die, The Goo Goo Dolls : Iris, Gavin Degraw : I don't want to be. 

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