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Publié par Valentine

Voici une traduction en anglais du poème Le temps l'emporte de Cécile Portier.


You are strong.

You want to be strong.

You want us to belive that you are strong.

You want whether it is an obvious fact.

You even removed your shirt.


It is not so warm in the finishing evening, but you are not cold. It is impossible that you are cold. You who are bare-chested, you would maybe like to reveal even more striking musles, but what account it is that you are strong. You are in the gaiety serious and responsible for knowing that nothing is impossible for you.


You need to experience yourself. To look for a proof of your strength in your body. Because our eyes are not enough, you need another look, you need an objective look, you need an objective.
(When the wise person indicates the
moon, the fool looks at the finger. When the trainer indicates you, you who carries your burden, where you have to go, the stupid eye of my device fixes so much the finger that this one becomes fuzzy)


You like the challenges.

You like the denials: all these small quite made sentences which you throw as balls to juggle when we tell you to pay attention, as " It is not at all heavy, I have already do it many times ".
You would be ready to be crucified so that appears that your strength takes the advantage on any pain.


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