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Publié par Marine

        My name is The Monster i am drunk but also a survivor.

My recovery is impossible because when i was underwater i saw a zombie screaming bloody murder to the beautiful princess of china.

"You're nobody 'till somebody loves you ! " yelt the zombie, and i thought  " I don't want to be cinderella man anymore, i feel the american noise beating in my heart, and i don't want to hear what does the fox say any longer " So i came out of my shelter : " I hate everything about you, Demons ! 

-  Oh boys oh boys ! screamed the princess

- I'm addicted to you, and i'll give you back your freedom !

- But you can't ! My body is a cage !

- You were born to live on the top of the world, you just can't stay here

- But the hall of fame get down on me

- One day, i'll show you the paradis.

- I love the way you lie, but you are not a hero ! You are even not a royal person, what would i go with you for ? Counting stars ?! Sorry but it will be without me, timber...

- It's true, i am not a hero, but i'm not afraid of fighting for you ! I will not gonna die ! 

- Zombie is not my ennemi ! Now leave us, go back from where you come ! "


  My name is The Monster i am drunk but also a survivor. The survivor of a deep wound made in my heart by the princess of china... I shake that bottles to find dignity, but i just can see the pale face of animals.


   My name is The Monster i am drunk but also a survivor.



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